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  • Training Weekend.
  • Training Weekend.

Training Weekend.

£180.00 Regular Price
£176.50Sale Price

This is the full two day clinic designed to get your tem horseboarding for the 2024 season. 
This course will take place at the Bold Equestrian centre, Warrington Cheshire on the 9th and 10th of March. 
 Day 1 
 2 one to one sessions. 
 Session 1 - horse and rider. 
 Introducing you and your horse to the sport. 

 Session 2 - Build the team. 
 this is a focused session on building the team successfully nagociating the  offical novice course . 

Day 2 
 Session 3 - Group development 
 Now you have the hang of the basics we put up to four teams together to train on the course and develop your skills. 

session 4 - Competition experiance and Timed Runs. 
 This session is designed to give you an idea of how an official competition works. With multiple teams getting coached runs on the track. 


  Please email of cal lif you have any questions. 

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