The Mud-Plugger is the Horseboarding UK recommended tire for horseboarding! 


Daniel Fowler-Prime, founder of Horseboarding; "Mud-Pluggers are the best, hands down!"


Reece Wagland from Bruises Easily; "Having Mud-Pluggers on, it was like my board was set on easy-mode"


Ross Tower, 6 time National Horseboarding Champion; "I can't believe you are now selling these on the website. I've been using them for years, now everyone will have them!"


INNOVA's Mud-Plugger tyre is the perfect grip choice when the riding conditions turn bad & when you are needing maximum amount grip!! The Mud-Plugger tyre has a wide center bead giving good top end roll speed but is also deep grooved & very knobbily around its sides, suggesting the Mud-Plugger tyre works best in bad conditions! INNOVA are a famous & well experienced tyre company specialising in the manufacture of Motor-cross Bike tyres & tyres for many other Off Road Machines.


Innova's Mud-Plugger tyre uses 2x 3.75 inch Steel Bands moulded into rim of the tyre, therefore the Mud-Plugger tyre will fit onto all 3.75 inch Mountainboard / Kiteboard hubs currently on the market. The Mud-Plugger Tyre is made from a softish 4PR rubber compound & it has a relatively high TPI which keeps its over all weight right down, close to that of the weight of the Alpha tyre which is the lightest tyre on the market currently! When inflated the Mud-Plugger tyre measures 200x50mm (8 inch x 2 Inch).


Trampa Boards have given this tyre a recommended max inflation pressure of 65psi (BUT ONLY WHEN FITTED TO TRAMPA HUBS) which is much more than any of the other brand & testament to the design & strength of the TRAMPA HUBs! The more you inflate your tyres the faster you will roll! The recommended max tyre pressure set by the factory for this tyre is 65psi Over inflation of your tyres may cause an explosion which could cause serious injury to yourself. 


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