Back Straps for TRAMPA Heel Strap Bindings (Pair)
Anodised Silver Ratchet buckle with locking hook
Black Camlock Buckle with Locking Hook
Heel-strap Ladder Straps 16cm x 2
Heel-strap Ladder Straps 18cm x 2
Heel-strap Ladder Straps 20cm x 2
M5 x 25mm EXTRA WIDE Dome Headed Bolt for Heel Straps & some Bindings
M5 Washer Form B - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
M5 Nut - Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock Nut 
Spacer for Heel strap allows straps to float freely
M5 x 8mm Countersunk Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel


TRAMPA HEEL STRAPS lock your feet into the BINDINGS & make you feel at one with the deck. When using Heel Straps you are committed to the ride & you will have more control over the board. Most Pro riders use heel straps when Horseboarding as feeling locked to the board increases confidence, gaining greater achievments without the worry of your feett working themseves out of the bindings


With 3 pairs of different length LADDER STRAPS to choose from, the TRAMPA HEEL STRAPS will easily adjust to fit to any sized shoe that comfortably fits onto a Mountain Board. A CAMLOCK BUCKLE is used to Lock the Heel Strap on one side of your foot & a RATCHET BUCKLE on the other. The Ratchet Buckle easily tightens the Ladder into the heel straps so that your foot is LOCKED IN but COMMFORTABLE! The rider is able to adjust the strap into the correct position (relative to their foot size) & gain an easy step in – step out locking system into their bindings.

TRAMPA Heel Straps are universally fitting & very simple to fit, TRAMPA Heel Straps are supplied with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel FITTIG KIT & only take a few minutes to assemble.

Heel Straps

What colour Ratchet Buckles do you want?
What colour Camlock's do you want ?
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