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Horseboarding UK Registration Process

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By registering with Horseboarding UK (HBUK) you are agreeing to abide by the rules of Horseboarding UK.

For Teams

In order to compete at any Horseboarding UK event, you/your team will have to complete the four stage online application registration process:

1. Registration of individuals (FREE) - this is a one off registration for each individual. Individual Insurance proof will be required to complete team registration, details provided on request.

2. Registration of horses (FREE) - this is a one off registration for each individual. Each horse involved in the team must be registered using this form.

3. Registration of team name and team colours - this is a one off registration, £20 Registration NEW team. This covers your annual registration, and allows access into UK national championship events. Once a name and colours are registered and accepted by Horseboarding UK, they cannot be used by any other team. Team names or colours may be relinquished by the person who first registers the them, or by Horseboarding UK. Horseboarding UK will reserve the right to refuse any team name which they deem unsuitable. When choosing the design for tour team colours, please try to be imaginative. We want teams to be easily recognised by their individual colours. If everyone simply uses a plain colour with contrasting writing, we will soon run out of options, so we need you use designs and patterns as well, in a similar way to horseracing colours. Your horse rider and board rider should wear the same colours. Please apply for your registration BEFORE you get your clothing made, as we cannot guarantee that the colour combination/design that you choose will be accepted. If you need help or advice, please email

4. Annual Team Registration - £20 Per annum. Individual registration is not required if you are a current registered team. As a prerequisite you must have registered the above three component elements of your team - i.e. horserider, boardrider, horse, team name and team colours.

For Volunteers

in order to apply to be considered as a volunteer for Horseboarding UK events, you will need to fill in the application form, and, if possible, send a copy of your CV.

5. Registration of Volunteers - this is a one off registration. Every volunteer must register using this form.

Application for Registration

All applications are subject to approval by Horseboarding UK and you will be notified of acceptance or otherwise of your application. Email