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Horseboarding International has been set up by Horseboarding UK to promote and develop the sport of horseboarding worldwide.

Managed by the founder of the sport in the UK, Daniel Fowler-Prime and together with his highly experienced Horseboarding UK team, it aims to promote and encourage the development of the sport through the establishment of national organisations within individual countries, under a standard system of rules, procedures and values.

The primary objective is to establish the sport internationally, under a standardized system that will allow participants worldwide to compete on an equal basis,under internationally recognized rules and procedures.

These rules and procedures have been carefully developed by Horseboarding UK, based upon its experience of organizing competitions at all levels up to National Championships, and the building of its own organizational structures, and training procedures.

Areas covered will include the organization of competitions, including rules,competition format and provision of officials, training for participants and training of horseboarding instructors to a specified standard, all aspects of safety including specified standards for equipment, and the provision of correct insurance for individuals, organisations, events and instructors.

Those wishing to set up a national organisation to run the sport within their own country will be able to affiliate to Horseboarding International, and will then be offered assistance in setting up, including a full breakdown on how to develop the sport within their country in accordance with Horseboarding International rules.

Affiliation will bring other benefits. These will include use of the Horseboarding International logo, and a national logo based upon our brand image. Once established, they will be added to our website as the official representative of the sport for their country, will have the opportunity for input into moving the sport forward internationally, and may be invited to send a representative to join the Governing Committee of Horseboarding International.

Horseboarding International will work with and for its affiliated organisations to organize and oversee international competitions, along the same lines as established main stream equestrian sports.

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