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Pioneer Equestrian Supplies

Pioneer Equestrian Supplies are supporters of Horseboarding UK. They are run by Kirsty Berry, who is a qualified Veterinary Nurse, and whose always had a keen interest in the equestrian world, with nearly 25 years experience working with and owning horses. Kirsty has recently opened a new eShop, specialising in equestrian and country products.

The company name is dedicated to the first horse Kirsty owned, a lovely young shire horse called Walton Pioneer. She spent a few years showing him in-hand at local shows/events, the blue and green colours on their website are the colours they used in his show flights/plaits and tail ribbons.

Kirsty has always had a good eye for quality equestrian products and has tried to supply them in the eShop at reasonable prices. The eShop will be expanding and changing products all the time, so please keep re-visiting or set up an account and join them for updates. If there is a specific product you are trying to find, please do not hesitate to contact Kirsty as she prides herself on giving a helpful, reliable service and does her upmost to help locate the products you require.

Pioneer Equestrian Supplies are supporters of Horseboarding UK