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Horseboarding UK: Who We Are

Daniel Fowler Prime and Tom Kilroy - Directors of Horseboarding UK Ltd

Horse boarding UK is an organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of the sport of horseboarding at both national and regional levels. It encourages the safe development of skills and competition for all abilities.


As our organisation grows, we will look to develop our regional work and outreach programme.


The Company Directors are brothers Daniel Fowler-Prime and Tom Kilroy, pictured top left, who together are the founders of the sport of horseboarding in the UK.


Daniel Fowler-Prime, shown middle left, has sixteen years experience at the top level of international equine performance within live action shows, film and TV. He has been a guest lecturer at colleges throughout Britain, and is considered an Industry Expert in the fields of horseboarding and horse surfing.


Tom Kilroy, shown bottom left, is similarly considered an Industry Expert in horseboarding, having worked alongside his brother throughout the conception and development of the sport. One of the best horseboarders in the country, Tom was National Horseboarding Championship Boarder in 2012. He has also built a solid reputation within the international equine performance world.


Penny Hard is our Business Support Manager, bringing to the organisation her many years experience of management, in both the equine and entertainment industries.


Rachel Huson is our Merchandising Manager and Administrative Assistant, drawing on her creative and organisational skills gained during her professional career.


We are currently creating a network of Regional Co-Ordinators, who will expand and develop the sport within their own regions.



 Daniel Fowler-Prime showing off his horse riding skills
Tom Kilroy a Director of Horseboarding UK Ltd